Sunday, February 10, 2008

On this team, we fight

Ron Paul supporters never give up. We've stuck with it despite media blackouts and smears. We know that the freedom movement, the Revolution, is enduring.


At 2/11/08, 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of blackouts, the speech Ron Paul gave to CPAC 2008 and the reception he received from the attendees were woefully underreported by the establishment and conservative media. It's the type of speech I was waiting to hear from him in the Republican debates but never did, one where his opposition to an interventionist foreign policy was just a part of his message and not THE message.

No matter how much money he raised, there was no way he could make a strong challenge for the Republican nomination this year as long as the antiwar messge drowned out his overall message and record.

I did go to the U of M rally and vote for him at the caucus, because I did not have confidence that any of the other candidates would adhere to the conservative, limited-government guidelines the U.S. Contstitution has given us. I really don't want to lose his voice in Congress, though, and I am curious if the Republican party establishemnt is helping to shore up his re-elction effort with the same energy they do when a liberal incumbent Republican faces any kind of primary challenge.

Scribbler, do you have nay news you can share with your freedom-loving readership on this matter?


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