Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Idea of the Century

You know how one CPU can be arrayed -- is this the right word? -- on more than one monitor/keyboard setup? Why not the human mind?

We already have functioning robotic arms and the like. Why not an entire robotic body?

Oh my! I am a multi-tasker. And one who loathes delegating because few others can do things the way I like things done. And with few exceptions, things are not done correctly unless I do them, so this is not irrational thinking.

Imagine what I could accomplish with one brain arrayed across two or more bodies, be they cloned or entirely manufactured. Not only could I be multi-tasking at different workstations within my office, but I could have a lesser droid run down the stairs to throw clothes in the drier, all powered off my single brain!

The technology is, to some degree at least, available.

Date stamp this. (I hate to Google my best ideas before blogging them, as it's likely someone has thought of even this billion dollar idea.) Thirty years, I say, and the technology will be here for those not faint of heart, or should I say, of mind. Fifteen years, rat experiments will be underway.

With this motivation I am now off to study the alleged 120-year diet.


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