Friday, July 13, 2007

Why are Entrepreneurs Behind Ron Paul?

Why do a disproportionate number of entrepreneurs support Ron Paul? Because entrepreneurs, the successful ones, are used to hearing -- and more importantly, ignoring -- the advice that "it can't be done."

How do I know that hordes of entrepreneurs are among the fervent Ron Paul supporters? Anecdotally, to be honest. Large groups of us meet in the Twin Cities at least twice monthly, each of us spending hours a week of our own time and hundreds of dollars of our own money to promote Ron Paul. We're banded together as so many Davids against the government/MSM Goliath.

Two weeks ago forty of us got up at 6 a.m. and carpooled down to Iowa to join over a thousand fellow supporters for the Ron Paul Blowback rally. (Seen here.)

In our lengthy, even obsessive, conversations at meetings, by phone and online, a good half of these fellow supporters mention their small business in passing. This comes as no surprise. Small business owners are risk-takers; they are individualists; they want no boss above their own self; they don't listen to the advice that "it can't be done." They are the backbone of this nation, interestingly, as they are the only ones left with backbone.

(Comments originally directed at Jason Lewis, who says, "It can't be done.")


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