Sunday, May 18, 2008

Can we get an IQ check over here, please?

The LA Times today discusses the shambles of the Republican party and one InSane "solution."

McCain's approach -- tough on taxes, but receptive to immigrants and committed to easing global warming -- could help paint the GOP in new colors, more attractive to independent voters, Latinos and women. Some GOP leaders now say that by embracing McCain and his policy platform, Republicans would instantly "rebrand" and reinvigorate their party.

Good grief! Are they this obtuse? When have we won? When have we lost? We've only won when we've been firm about small government principles. When we became more like the democrats, government expansionists, we lost. If we go out preaching on the issues of the Democrat party, we're going to turn out voters for the Democrats.

For the record, McCain voted AGAINST Bush's tax cuts. If someone can find ONE issue where I can agree with this guy, I may consider voting for him. We're clearly not going to approach anything close to Reagan's 80% rule, but can anyone find me a 5% to at least work with?

The GOP has thrown in the towel on conservatism and now is telling the electorate, "Ya know, the Democrats are right; government is the solution to any problem from education to global warming -- I mean cooling -- I mean . . . Anyways, facing foreclosure? No health insurance? We've got your government answer right here!"

Back to McCain and the LA Times article,

Like President Bush, McCain has split from the party base in backing more liberal immigration laws and criticizing conservatives for ethnically insensitive rhetoric.

As a result, McCain aides believe now that the Arizona senator has the potential to do well among Latino voters, perhaps winning more than the 40% that Bush did in 2004.

Good for him. He can go run on the Illegal Immigrant ticket. I understand they can all vote.

The GOP has lost its mind. I feel for the genuine conservatives who are trying to run for Congress or state seats. McCain, Bush and party leadership have screwed them for 2008. Will we still have a party in 2009?

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