Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My, what a small tent!

Isn't this kind of Nicole Russell -- whoever she is, ostensibly speaking for the entire GOP National Convention -- to say:

"This is hardly worth posting . . ." in her post titled Ron Paul Wants Talk Time. "Ron Paul's Minnesota-based campaign folks think it's a "tactical" victory that will get Paul speaking time at the convention."

She concluded,

While Paul and his campaign's fighting spirit is to be admired, it's time to know when it's quittin' time. He has hardly any delegates, especially when compared to the other nominees.

Maybe next time!

Gee, I guess Ron Paul supporters have only been imagining that the GOP is trying to kick them out. This ain't my party no more, is it?

Goldwater and Reagan, RIP.


At 4/10/08, 12:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still believe that historically, it IS my party. That the majority of it's members have no real connection to the platform as it has stood for is of no consequence to me. I will just fight to take my party back from them. And plenty stand with me.



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