Friday, June 22, 2007

Iowans for Tax Relief isn't for tax relief

Roth & Company reports that ITR does not support tax relief for the average, middle class Iowan, but pushes instead for special interest carve-outs and corporate welfare tax subsidies that shrink the tax base and raise the rates on the remaining base. Their work has resulted in Iowa being rated one of the ten worst tax environments by the Tax Foundation, earning claim to the WSJ's "Meathead Economics" list.

Front and center, however, conservative Iowans should note that Ed Failor, spokesman for ITR, has failed them spectacularly in representation, first propping up tax-and-spender George Pataki as a presidential candidate, and now Sr advisor to the anything-but-conservative McCain.

None of this scandal would have seen the light of day had the ITR not purposefully neglected to invite Congressman and presidential candidate Dr Ron Paul to its forum on June 30. Even unintentionally, Ron Paul, Dr. No, is shining the light of day into the dark corners of big government corporatism, corrupt and cozy lobbying arrangements, and neocons masquerading as conservatives.

Iowans deserve a legitimate taxation watchdog. I call on the National Taxpayers Union to install such a viable organization in my neighboring state to the south.

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