Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ron Paul: 5 Million Dollar Man? reports:
Congressman Ron Paul’s donations have moved up - not by hundreds of thousands - but by millions as a result of his debate performances and groundswell of support on the Internet and in New Hampshire. Now observers close to the campaign are revealing that donations to the campaign in recent weeks have pushed the total up to perhaps $4 or $5 million.

I am proud to boast that .012% of that $5m is mine. If anyone wishes to join me, secure donations may be made through the campaign website at Donations less than $200 are not reported with the contributor's name.

This puts Dr. Paul on par with McCain, and at half of where Rudy and Romney stood at last reporting. Are you naysayers going to make the case that this is contribution gaming/vote-botting/internet hoaxing? Money talks and neocons walk.

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Update: CommentaryUSA reports that Dr No just garnered 5.4% in the Utah GOP straw poll, second only to Utah's favorite, the Morman. Bear in mind that a lot of his support is coming from outside of the established GOP and won't be measured in polls until the primaries.


At 6/10/07, 12:55 PM, Blogger Allen said...

To paraphrase Everitt Dirksen: "A million here and a million there, and pretty soon you're talkin' about real money!"

In any case I've gotta' rifle my pockets again and come up with some more to contribute. This is getting more exciting EVERY DAY!



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