Friday, June 22, 2007

Iowans for Tax Relief isn't for tax relief

Roth & Company reports that ITR does not support tax relief for the average, middle class Iowan, but pushes instead for special interest carve-outs and corporate welfare tax subsidies that shrink the tax base and raise the rates on the remaining base. Their work has resulted in Iowa being rated one of the ten worst tax environments by the Tax Foundation, earning claim to the WSJ's "Meathead Economics" list.

Front and center, however, conservative Iowans should note that Ed Failor, spokesman for ITR, has failed them spectacularly in representation, first propping up tax-and-spender George Pataki as a presidential candidate, and now Sr advisor to the anything-but-conservative McCain.

None of this scandal would have seen the light of day had the ITR not purposefully neglected to invite Congressman and presidential candidate Dr Ron Paul to its forum on June 30. Even unintentionally, Ron Paul, Dr. No, is shining the light of day into the dark corners of big government corporatism, corrupt and cozy lobbying arrangements, and neocons masquerading as conservatives.

Iowans deserve a legitimate taxation watchdog. I call on the National Taxpayers Union to install such a viable organization in my neighboring state to the south.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Ron Paul Censorship Continues. Excluded by Iowans for Tax Relief? WTF

Lew Moore, our (RP) campaign manager, called Mr. Edward Failor, an officer of Iowans for Tax Relief, to ask about it. To our shock, Mr. Failor told us Dr. Paul was not invited; he was not going to be invited; and he would not be allowed to participate. And when asked why, Mr. Failor refused to explain. The call ended.

Read the full story on the Ron Paul Blog for information on how to contact the responsible parties.

Sign the petition to have Ron Paul included in the forum.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Reagan on Ron Paul

"Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country."

--U.S. President Ronald Reagan

Reagan was not one to confuse a necessary and vigorous defense with nation-razing/building, meddling, escalating where we have no business, and other popular forms of globalism. These are two entirely different concepts, somehow completely escaping the scrutiny of some conservatives today.

No, today we dare not talk about actually defending our borders. Instead, we aim to erase them. Conservatives need to re-educate themselves on what the word Defense means.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ron Paul: 5 Million Dollar Man? reports:
Congressman Ron Paul’s donations have moved up - not by hundreds of thousands - but by millions as a result of his debate performances and groundswell of support on the Internet and in New Hampshire. Now observers close to the campaign are revealing that donations to the campaign in recent weeks have pushed the total up to perhaps $4 or $5 million.

I am proud to boast that .012% of that $5m is mine. If anyone wishes to join me, secure donations may be made through the campaign website at Donations less than $200 are not reported with the contributor's name.

This puts Dr. Paul on par with McCain, and at half of where Rudy and Romney stood at last reporting. Are you naysayers going to make the case that this is contribution gaming/vote-botting/internet hoaxing? Money talks and neocons walk.

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Update: CommentaryUSA reports that Dr No just garnered 5.4% in the Utah GOP straw poll, second only to Utah's favorite, the Morman. Bear in mind that a lot of his support is coming from outside of the established GOP and won't be measured in polls until the primaries.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Libertarian Nitpicking

Did Giuliani sound like a libertarian last night by proposing tax credits for health insurance? Some thought so, including a friend sitting next to me watching the debates who commented, "He sounds like Ron Paul!"

So here am I to burst y'all's bubble. Meddling in people's lives by tinkering with the tax code, offering incentives in the form of some of your money back, is not libertarian. If I choose to go without health insurance and to pay directly out of my wallet for the oft-touted hangnail, or decide to just live with the hangnail, shouldn't I get a tax credit?

Let us suppose the federal government thinks that music lessons are good for kids. Heck, they'll save us money on education because music at a young age makes kids smarter. So you over there can have a tax credit because your daughter is taking violin lessons. But you, with the eight-year-old son, can pay for his drum lessons yourself. Drums are too loud.

And now let's take these tax credits to their logical conclusion. A larger portion of our income will have to go to the government, of course, for those music lessons and to cover the health insurance tax credits. But then the government will start giving automobile credits for hybrids, and housing credits for Mother-friendly tire-houses and caves -- we're doing a lot of this already -- so taxes will need to go up to cover those credits. Then we'll get credits for buying healthy food. And by this time most of our income will be going to the government which will then simply dole out directly what they think we should have for transportation, housing and sustanance. This will vary depending on which party is in power and which corporations are in that party's favor. So it's not like we'll lack variety.

Taking this too far, you say? I'll blame my jerking knee on the way we've been fed these "great" programs to only sink beneath their weight years or decades later. I don't trust government. I don't trust politicians. And Giuliani's the worst kind of 'em.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

He likes me! He really likes me!
(or at least his web guy does, in
an online, technical sort of way)

Ron Paul has 23,793 friends on his MySpace profile, twenty-four of whom are shown on his main page, half of those family. I am STILL one of those top twenty-four friends.

[Hands fluttering to chest, gazes skyward and sighs blissfully.]

I simply must send that man another contribution.