Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ron Paul: More Guns Will Deter Shootings

Ron Paul spoke with yesterday and said what many of us have been trying to express: "A concealed gun carried by a responsible person -- that might have ended the problem that they had at Virginia Tech with one person being killed or two people being killed," adding that 9/11 may have turned out differently had the pilots been armed.

Amid calls by liberals for even further gun control -- despite the fact that the murderer would not have adhered to yet more laws -- some more rational souls are saying that the answer is to allow the law-abiding to defend themselves.

Dr. Paul is not alone. All freedom-loving individuals need to continue to express the need for individual self-defense as the answer to crime. When the cops can't get there -- and just as with Virginia Tech, most of the time they can't until after the fact -- we, ourselves, are our only defense.


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