Monday, April 02, 2007

Paul a close second in PJ Media

Dr. Paul finished a close second last week in the PJ Media staw poll, and is leading so far this week. (Vote in the PJ poll here to the right of this column.)

PJMedia is still trying to make excuses for why Dr No is doing so well, calling him a "purely Internet Phenomenon." Y'all used to say the internet was the the future of politics, that cosmos in which the next President would be elected. And now netizens are banned from voting for our nation's executive? Complete comments of the PJ Editor:

What does the ascendancy of Fred Thompson and Ron Paul mean? Is this an Internet (early adopter) harbinger of things to come? In the case of Thompson, we think this is indeed a possibility. The former Tennessee senator-slash-prosecutor-slash-movie-and-television-star has… despite being undeclared … fared quite well on other polls. On the latest Fox News Poll he is ahead of the declared Romney and the undeclared Gingrich, ditto on the Gallup Poll.

Ron Paul is a different matter. The paleo-libertarian seems to be a purely Internet Phenomenon. He has yet to score significantly on any national poll, his best being a mere 3% on Zogby. Of course this could change. Pajamas Media would like to note, however, that the vast majority of his votes in our poll (1331 of 1725) were placed right here on the portal site, suggesting a determined effort by his supporters to “bomb” this poll. Support for other candidates in both parties is spread over the approximately three hundred and growing websites that now have widgets (polling places) for the PJM Straw Poll.

Vox Day offers an interesting anaylysis of the poll results here.

And Mike Tennant via comments here.


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