Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Campaign for Liberty MN Kick-off Picnic This Saturday

Join us for a campaign wrap-up / Campaign for Liberty kickoff picnic Saturday, June 28, noon (speeches about 1 pm, eat with congressional districts around 2, live music at 3) at the Lake Rebecca Park Reserve in Rockford.

The Lakeview picnic area will hold up to 1,000 of us (only 200 RSVPed so far, so spread the word), so expect a great time among your fellow rEVOLutionaries as we conspire and talk each other into running for office. Playground, beach and horseshoe pits available; bring the kids.

We've added a raffle. Everyone gets a ticket for showing up, and you can earn more by contributing to RP candidates in attendance and Barb Davis White. Autographed and non-autographed copies of RP's Manifesto, rEVOLution sweatshirts, and who knows what else, will be up for grabs.

Please RSVP to Marianne (if you have my email -- if not, just show up) so we have enough hot dogs and drinks. You are welcome to bring a salad, bag of chips or dessert to share (mark your dishes), or contribute $1 - $2 for costs, but not necessary.

For Life, Liberty and Prosperity,

PS: We no longer have access to the campaign lists and blast email capabilities, so we'll have to count on you all to spread the word to other supporters of Liberty.


At 6/25/08, 8:54 PM, Blogger Norann said...

You need a few comments.

Chances are Williams will recognize the reference... :)


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