Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Future of the Electronic Nation

We were gathered at "Brits" sometime last year when Harsh Pencil announced that his two-year-old could rewind and replay VHS movies. We poked a little fun at Pencil, suggesting the movies just hit the end and rewound themselves. But I doubt you no longer, Pencil. My two-year-old (Jan 8) has figured out the whole DVD/VHS combo player, switches out the DVDs and tapes, knows which button to press to move between DVD and VHS on the player, etc. I'm just not sure this is something we should be bragging about. What does this say about us as parents? What are we doing when all this is going on, playing MahJong? (Cut me some slack -- she set up the macros on my computer to take me directly to the game.)


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